Ride Smarter with Electric Bikes.

Experience the Power of Electric Bikes and Go the Extra Mile.

Our Electric Bikes Are Designed to Make Your Commute Easier


Powerful Motor

Our electric bikes come with a powerful motor that will get you where you need to go quickly and efficiently.


Long Battery Life

Our electric bikes have long-lasting batteries that will take you up to 60 miles on a single charge.


Comfortable Ride

Our electric bikes have comfortable seats and shock-absorbing tires to make your ride smooth and enjoyable.

Battery Range

40 - 80 km

Full bike weight

19.2 kg

Motor torque

45 Nm

Tyres width

47 mm

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“I was skeptical about electric bikes at first, but Ecycle's product has completely changed my mind. The ride is smooth and comfortable, and the electric assist makes hills a breeze.”

Johnson Brida – Seattle, WA


“Ecycle's electric bikes are the perfect way to get around town. The ride is so smooth and comfortable, and the accessories make it easy to carry all my belongings with me. I never thought I'd love it”

Maria Gilba – New York, NY


“I love my Ecycle electric bike! It's so much fun to ride and has completely transformed my commute. Plus, the long battery life means I never have to worry about running out of juice.”

Michael Lib – San Fransisco, CA

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